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Here in Missouri, child support payments are determined by a set formula. That formula takes a number of factors into account, including each spouse's income and child custody schedule, and assigns a dollar amount that the noncustodial parent must pay each month.

Though the formula sounds simple, in practice it can be very complex. Spouses who enter the information improperly or overlook sources of income can quickly find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes time to determine child support.

As a Lee's Summit child support attorney, I have over 18 years of experience helping clients with their child support formulations. I know how to present the information correctly, giving the court a full picture of your financial situation and putting you in the best possible position.

Make Sure Your Child's Best Interests Are Protected

Child custody decisions can also factor into the child support determination. Sometimes, a noncustodial parent will opt to take on a greater-than-average amount of visitation time, simply to reduce the amount of child support he or she will be asked to pay. Often, this arrangement does not serve the best interests of the child; if this is the case in your child custody situation, I can help you counter the other parent's actions and move toward a better solution.

When To Seek A Modification

Even the most accurate child support calculation is not foolproof. Circumstances can change, making it difficult for a parent to make ends meet. If the noncustodial parent loses his or her job, for example, he or she may not be able to keep up with the child support payments. In these situations, parents can push for a child support modification, which alters the child support agreement into something that more accurately reflects the current situation.

Either parent can push for a child support modification to increase or decrease the monthly payment. Modifications require a lawyer's assistance. If you need to change the terms of your child support agreement, contact an experienced attorney.

Get Experienced Help

I am family law attorney Debora L. Hale, and I have the knowledge and experience to help you through any issues that arise with your child support determination. To schedule a free 30-minute consultation, contact me online or call 816-875-6558.

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